1. The BIG News!

    The big news is that yours truly is going to be on a REALITY SHOW!!
    It's called "Bands of Brothers" and it takes Afghan and Iraq war vets who play instruments and forms them into bands.
    They have challenges to get through each week to work up to a live performance at 'World Cafe Live' in Philly on Nov. 11- Veterans Day.

    The house band is me, Andy York (John Mellencamp), Mark Rivera (Billy Joel), Kasim Sulton (Meatloaf, Todd Rundgren), and Anton Fig (everybody). We serve as the house band and as mentors...there will also be 'special guests' along the way...OK, time for my collagen injection..

  2. Congratulations Mike! You're a big jump from "Snooky"...

  3. Hi Mike, good to see you are always keeping busy! I received some kind of follow at my email. Was it from you at this site? I never download anything these days. LOL.